Elena Ovreiu is a Senior Lecturer at both the Medical Engineering, as well as the and Electronics, Telecommunications & IT departments at University Politehnica of Bucharest, where she has introduced and currently teaches the eHealth, Innovation in Healthcare and Telemedicine courses.

Elena earned a Ph.D. in Electronics and Automation from Institute National des Sciences Appliqués (INSA), Lyon, France and has an international academic and work resumé, having done studies and research in countries such as Singapore, Israel and China. Most recently, in 2021 she was a Fellow at Rochester University (NY) on a Fulbright scholarship, focusing on entrepreneurship in an academic setting.

Additionally, Elena was appointed Personal Advisor to the Minister of Healthcare of Romania in the earlier part of 2021, with a focus on improving the safety of hospitals through the introduction of Medical Engineers. She is also the founder and president of SSIMA Re:Imagine Healthcare—Festival of Innovation in Medical Technology. This event annually attracts world leaders in the field of medical technology in academia, including from top institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, Johns Hopkins and Technion, as well as leaders from the business sector and public policy makers. Elena is a frequent guest in national media on topics related to Medical Technology, and in the past has hosted her own radio broadcast on this topic at Radio Guerrilla.