Welcome to the BIOdyssey website, dedicated to the upcoming exclusive program for (aspiring) MedTech entrepreneurs in Romania.

The BIOdyssey vision is that entrepreneurship is a never-ending journey, full of unexpected pitfalls (and sometimes windfalls) and challenges that need to be met. At BIOdyssey, we give (aspiring) entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in business: from the ideation phase, until your first investment, we can help.

BIOdyssey is based on the “Design” principles of innovation, and consists of 7 phases, the first 4 of which are part of the “educational” segment of our program, and 3 of which part of the “business development” segment.

In the first segment, open to all applicants, the Design thinking principles will be taught through a stuctured course with lectures and your course project. Some light mentoring shall be offered as well.

During the second segment, which shall be open to selected applicants from the first segement, instensive mentoring, business development networking, and investment opportunities will be key.

We are now building the groundwork for this new program, and hope to be able to welcome you soon!